[LLVMdev] [RFC] Fix leading and trailing spaces

Ondřej Bílka neleai at seznam.cz
Mon Jul 8 11:39:41 PDT 2013


I am writing tool to simplify automated refactorings. One of
prerequisites is have clean codebase, so a refactorer can be simple and
created formatting inconsistencies can be eliminated by formatter.

My plan to keep codebase clean is first run a cleanup systemwide, then
keep it by hook/ periodicaly rerunning cleanup. 

I put it for now here.

I ran a scripts that remove trailing whitespaces and fix leading spaces
followed by tabs, commands are:

script/stylepp_skeleton stylepp_trailing_space     and
script/stylepp_skeleton stylepp_space_after_tab

on llvm codebase, rather large patches are here (Is this correct list or
should I split them somewhat?)


I do not know if there are directories that I should keeps so could you
tell me a list of them?

Please use flags to ignore whitespaces like

hg annotate -w
git blame -w
patch -l
git apply --ignore-space

Could you also verify each patch by git diff -w that it indeed touches
only whitespaces?

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