[LLVMdev] Enabling vectorization with LLVM 3.3 for a DSL emitting LLVM IR

Vesa Norilo vnorilo at siba.fi
Fri Jul 5 05:59:36 PDT 2013


For libfaust, perhaps? :)

Could it be something as simple as a target triple defined for the module?  
Without knowledge of the target machine vector width, the vectorizer will  
assume maximum width of 1. You can override this without a triple by using  
the -force-vector-width switch.


> Hi,
> Our DSL can generate C or directly generate LLVM IR. With LLVM 3.3, we  
> can vectorize the C produced code using clang with -O3, or clang with  
> -O1 then opt -O3 -vectorize-loops. But the same program generating LLVM  
> IR version cannot be vectorized with opt -O3 -vectorize-loops. So our  
> guess is that our generated LLVM IR lacks some informations that are  
> needed by the vectorization passes to correctly work.
> Any idea of what could be lacking?
> Thanks
> St?phane Letz

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