[LLVMdev] llvm (hence Clang) not compiling with Visual Studio 2008

Benoit Perrot benoit.noe.perrot at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 00:48:23 PDT 2013


I have just updated my svn copy of the llvm/clang repositories after quite
a long time of inactivity, and found it not compiling on Windows with
Visual Studio 2008.

The incriminated file is:


Where several calls to "std::lower_bound" are made, like:

  atom_iterator I = std::lower_bound(atom_begin(), atom_end(),
                                     Begin, AtomComp);

  - "atom_iterator" being a typedef on "std::vector<llvm::Atom*>::iterator"
  - "atom_begin()" and "atom_end" returning an "atom_iterator"
  - "Begin" being an "uint64_t"
  - "AtomComp" being a predicate of type "bool (const llvm::MCAtom

This seems to be due to an invalid implementation of the STL as provided
with Visual Studio 2008.

Indeed, the predicate given to "lower_bound" must respect the following

  - obviously, it shall return "bool" (here: of course)

  - its first argument shall be of a type into which the type of the
dereferenced iterators can be implicitly converted (here:
"atom_iterator::operator*" returns a "llvm::Atom*", and the first argument
of "AtomComp" is also "llvm::Atom*"

  - its second argument shall be of a type into which the type of the value
can be implicitly converted (here: "Begin" is an "uint_64_t", as well as
the second argument of "AtomComp")

But the implementation of "std::lower_bound" in Visual Stuio 2008 relies on
a checker provided by the file "xutility", which reads:

template<class _Pr, class _Ty1, class _Ty2> inline
bool __CLRCALL_OR_CDECL _Debug_lt_pred(_Pr _Pred,
                                       _Ty1& _Left,
                                       const _Ty2& _Right,
                                       const wchar_t *_Where,
                                       unsigned int _Line)
{ // test if _Pred(_Left, _Right) and _Pred is strict weak ordering

  if (!_Pred(_Left, _Right))
    return (false);
  else if (_Pred(_Right, _Left))
    _DEBUG_ERROR2("invalid operator<", _Where, _Line);

  return (true);

Hence, it expects the predicate (here "_Pred") to accept as arguments both
(_Ty1, _Ty2) and (_Ty2, _Ty1), which does not seem consistent with the
specifications mentioned above.

Solutions here:

1. consider that the implementation if effectively wrong, and modify the
documentation at http://llvm.org/docs/GettingStartedVS.html, requiring
Visual Studio 2010, i.e. replacing:

   "You will need Visual Studio 2008 or higher."


   "You will need Visual Studio 2010 or higher."

   Same comments on the respect of the standard apply

2. investigate whether there exists a way to disable the aforementioned

3. modify the code in MCModule.cpp to cope with the implementation of
"lower_bound" in VS 2008.

Personally I just went for (1), i.e. switching to Visual Studio 2010, as it
was the most straightforward.

Doing so, I also had to add "#include <string>" to the file
"lib/CodeGen/CGBlocks.cpp" so that llvm/clang can compile with said
compiler, because of some obscure external template usage.

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