[LLVMdev] [Polly][GSOC2013] FastPolly -- SCOP Detection Pass

Star Tan tanmx_star at yeah.net
Mon Jul 1 06:51:47 PDT 2013

>Great. Now we have two test cases we can work with. Can you

>upload the LLVM-IR produced by clang -O0 (without Polly)?
Since tramp3d-v4.ll is to large (19M with 267 thousand lines), I would focus on the oggenc benchmark at firat.
I attached the oggenc.ll (LLVM-IR produced by clang -O0 without Polly), which compressed into the file oggenc.tgz.

>2) Check why the Polly scop detection is failing
>You can use 'opt -polly-detect -analyze' to see the most common reasons 
>the scop detection failed. We should verify that we perform the most 
>common and cheap tests early.
I also attached the output file oggenc_polly_detect_analyze.log produced by "polly-opt -O3 -polly-detect -analyze oggenc.ll". Unfortunately, it only dumps valid scop regions. At first, I thought to dump all debugging information by "-debug" option, but it will dump too many unrelated information produced by other passes. Do you know any option that allows me to dump debugging information for the "-polly-detect" pass, but at the same time disabling debugging information for other passes?
Star Tan
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