[LLVMdev] Getting command line options to affect subtarget features

Hal Finkel hfinkel at anl.gov
Thu Jan 31 07:42:54 PST 2013

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> Subject: [LLVMdev] Getting command line options to affect subtarget features
> The problem I'm trying to solve:  Invoking clang on PowerPC with
> -fno-altivec has no effect.
> From what I've been able to piece together, PPC.td specifies various
> CPUs and the processor features available on each.  So for example we
> have:
> def FeatureAltivec   : SubtargetFeature<"altivec","HasAltivec",
> "true",
>                                         "Enable Altivec
>                                         instructions">;
> def : Processor<"pwr7", G5Itineraries,
>                   [DirectivePwr7, FeatureAltivec,
>                    FeatureMFOCRF, FeatureFSqrt, FeatureSTFIWX,
>                    FeatureISEL, Feature64Bit /*, Feature64BitRegs
>                    */]>;
> During compilation the subtarget class (such as PPCSubtarget) is
> instantiated with the strings obtained from -mcpu and -mattr.
> ParseSubtargetFeatures then uses the -mcpu and -mattr values to
> determine which features to use for code generation.
> What seems problematic is that -mattr is the only way that the static
> features of the target processor can be overridden.
> It seems there must be a way for command-line parameters such as
> -fno-altivec to be used to override which processor features are
> exploited.  But I can't see immediately how this should work.  I
> don't
> know whether or how the command line flags from Clang are made
> available
> to LLVM for inspection.
> I'm sure there must be an obvious way to do this, but peeking at code
> from other targets hasn't enlightened me.  Any advice for how I can
> accomplish this?

Off of the top of my head...

Within the current infrastructure, I think that we need to alter the Clang PowerPC toolchain code (Clang::AddPPCTargetArgs in Tools.cpp) to do something like this:

if (Args.hasFlag(options::OPT_fno_altivec, options::OPT_faltivec, true)) {

Why this not done currently I don't know.


> Thanks!  I appreciate any help.
> Bill
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