[LLVMdev] Value* to Instruction*/LoadInst* casting

Alexandru Ionut Diaconescu alexandruionutdiaconescu at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 02:31:15 PST 2013

Hello everyone,

Can you please tell me if it is possible in LLVM to cast a `Value*` to an
`Instruction*/LoadInst*` if for example `isa<LoadInst>(MyValue)` is true?
In my particular piece of code:

    Value* V1 = icmpInstrArray[i]->getOperand(0);
    Value* V2 = icmpInstrArray[i]->getOperand(1);
    if (isa<LoadInst>(V1) || isa<LoadInst>(V2)){
        LoadInst *LD100 = cast<LoadInst>(icmpInstrArray[i]->getOperand(0));
            Value *C100 = LD100->getPointerOperand(); //HERE COMPILATION
Further, I just need to make `C100->getName()` and I will get the loaded

I don't think that I can use cast like that. Can you tell me a method to
obtain the loaded variable from a Load instruction correspondent to my ICMP
instructions? Or better how I can extract the Load instruction from

Thank you a lot !
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