[LLVMdev] problem with setLocale

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Mon Jan 28 00:43:58 PST 2013

Hi Ali,

On 28/01/13 06:38, ali_sedaghat wrote:
> Hi Ciao,  my compiler is written in java and generates some .ll files as its
> output. Each of these .ll files is converted to an object file using llc.
> Then, I use clang++ to link them and generate an executable file without
> linking with any external libraries, so I cannot understand what you mean.
> Sorry, if my question sounds silly to you

do you mean that you wrote your own version of setlocale?  The usual setlocale
lives in a system library, and to use it you must have linked with that system
library.  Usually a compiler like clang will automatically add that library to
the list of libraries to link with, so you may not realize you linked with it.
What is the exact command you used to create the executable?

Ciao, Duncan.

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