[LLVMdev] Code compiling in gcc but not llvm

abhirup dutta abyrupus at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 19:45:03 PST 2013


This is my first post, sorry if not in the right format.

I am stuck at a place where I have a code fragment that runs in normal gcc
but fails when I give -fplugin=dragonegg.so

extern int *testfunc();

extern __typeof (testfunc) testfunc __asm__ ("" "__GI_testfunc")
__attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden")));

extern __typeof(testfunc) __testfunc;

extern __typeof (__testfunc) __testfunc __asm__ ("" "__GI___testfunc")
__attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden")));

int *__testfunc()
        return 0;

extern __typeof (__testfunc) __EI___testfunc __asm__("" "__testfunc");

extern __typeof (__testfunc) __EI___testfunc __attribute__((alias (""
extern __typeof(__testfunc) testfunc  __attribute__ ((weak, alias

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