[LLVMdev] Using 'llvm-build' for out-of-tree projects

Duncan Sands baldrick at free.fr
Tue Jan 22 04:04:03 PST 2013

Hi Fabian,

 > is there a way to use the llvm-build tool for out-of-tree projects?
> Makefile.rules supposes llvm-build to be located in PROJ_SRC_ROOT and this does
> not hold for out-of-tree projects, the same applies to Makefile.llvmbuild that
> is searched for in PROJ_OBJ_ROOT. I think PROJ_SRC_ROOT should be replaced by
> LLVM_SRC_ROOT and PROJ_OBJ_ROOT should be replaced by LLVM_OBJ_ROOT, right?

for an out-of-tree build you can use llvm-config to get include paths and so on.
I don't think there is any point bothering with llvm-build for this case.

Ciao, Duncan.

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