[LLVMdev] LLD vs LLVM coding style...

Nick Kledzik kledzik at apple.com
Sun Jan 20 20:35:43 PST 2013

On Jan 19, 2013, at 1:55 AM, Chandler Carruth wrote:
> We're looking more at doing some serious hacking on LLD, and I'd like to avoid doing lots of work in the codebase only to change the style around later.
> My understanding was that LLD was always intended to be a fully integrated LLVM project much like Clang, with a shared coding standard to go with the shared support libraries. Can we start that migration? I'm really opposed to having folks learn two styles of development, only to turn around and unlearn one shortly thereafter.

Before suggesting a massive and vague changes across someone else's code base, perhaps you should start with specific issues you see.  And why you think one way is better than another way.

The LLVM family of projects have a range of coding conventions.  libc++, lldb, and LLVM core have different styles.  That is a good thing.  Coding conventions should not be ruled with an iron fist.  There needs to be some room for innovation  and experimentation so that the conventions can evolve and improve.  


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