[LLVMdev] LLVM 3.2: conflict with Ubuntu 12.04's version 3.0 of LLVM

Alan Garny agarny at hellix.com
Wed Jan 16 09:33:06 PST 2013

On 16 Jan 2013, at 18:15, Óscar Fuentes <ofv at wanadoo.es> wrote:

> Alan Garny <agarny at hellix.com> writes:
>> Basically, my application runs fine, but when I close it I get a
>> "Segmentation fault (core dumped)". Debugging my application, I found
>> out that, upon shutting down, my application tries to call Ubuntu's
>> version of LLVM (see below for the debug trace). To convince myself
>> that it was really the case, I sudo renamed Ubuntu's LLVM library and
>> rerun my application. As expected, everything worked fine (i.e. no
>> segmentation fault).
>> Now, it's clearly not an issue with LLVM itself, but a google search
>> didn't yield anything useful, so I was hoping that someone else might
>> have come across this issue before and, more importantly, would have
>> found a solution for it...
> Well, two simple things you can try: either uninstall Ubuntu's LLVM 3.0,
> or set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (and PATH, if the plugin also uses the LLVM
> command tools.)

Thanks Óscar. Your first suggestion is not an option for me (I can't and wouldn't want to tell my users what to do with their Ubuntu box), but LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or, better for me, RPATH) might do the trick. I will give it a try tomorrow...


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