[LLVMdev] Obsolete PTX is NOT completely removed in 3.2 release

Pawel Wodnicki root at 32bitmicro.com
Mon Jan 14 22:55:59 PST 2013


> Hi Pawel,
>   Sorry for the trouble. At first I think maybe we can upload a new
> release tarball not replacing it, sorry I didn't say it in the previous
> mail. IMHO, if you have to do something new after the post-release, make
> a "dot" release would be better. Perhaps you can write down this
> experience to benifit other LLVMRM in the future. :-)

 Do not worry about this :-) You have spotted a release issue
that I have judged to be a problem.

 The lesson from this is that the community needs to get
involved in the release at the early stage. I think this
the real challenge for the future LLVMRM.

 Seems that too much has been written down already so
I am not sure if can contribute any more insight.
BTW your web page has a lot of good info!

> Regards,
> chenwj


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