[LLVMdev] Documentation of fmuladd intrinsic

Andrew Booker Andrew.Booker at arm.com
Mon Jan 14 05:25:16 PST 2013

Thanks for all the replies - it pretty much confirmed what I think I'd
worked out about how fmuladd is supposed to behave.

But my initial query wasn't asking what fmuladd did - it was asking for
the documentation about it to be clarified. Can I suggest that the
Overview section for fmuladd is changed to say the following (the key
point being the removal of the word "legal" in the description, to
avoid confusion with whether the optimisation is legal from the point
of view of the source language):

The llvm.fmuladd.* intrinsic functions represent multiply-add
expressions that can be fused if the code generator determines that the
target instruction set has support for a fused expression, and that its
use would be efficient.


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