[LLVMdev] ARM interrupt attributes (IRQ and FIQ) support

Amaury Pouly amaury.pouly at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 14:45:43 PST 2013

As part of a try to make clang/llvm build Rockbox, we realized that clang
and llvm have no support for irq/fiq calling convention on ARM which is
implemented using the interrupt("IRQ") and interrupt("FIQ") attributes on
GCC. Although it is always possible to implement those in assembly, I would
like to know if there has been some work done to implement this the same
way GCC does, or if there is no plan to support this in future ? I am no
llvm expert but with some help I think I could implement this if it is a
wanted feature.

Amaury Pouly
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