[LLVMdev] Using C++'11 language features in LLVM itself

Daniels, Marcus G mdaniels at lanl.gov
Thu Jan 10 14:46:08 PST 2013

>> Bah, they can install Mingw binaries.

> Sure! Actually, I wonder why people care about Visual Studio at all.

Basic MSVC linkage should work with Mingw.  Anything that doesn't work is probably something that ultimately needs to be understood on the clang/llvm side for the sake of clean integration.  IMO, a compatible & mature open source Windows toolchain like Mingw that mostly works is a better apparatus for understanding and fixing real technical integration problems (in LLVM and clang) than a proprietary compiler. 

Anyway, I thought the question here amounted to how to ensure that people can make binaries of LLVM libraries and a working clang executable on Windows.  Mingw can do that.  Or some enterprising person can just distribute a binary distribution like has been done for years with Mingw.  

Whether LLVM and clang can perfectly target Windows is a separate issue that making LLVM & clang source code friendly to Visual Studio can't really help with anyway.


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