[LLVMdev] Using C++'11 language features in LLVM itself

Chris Lattner clattner at apple.com
Tue Jan 8 15:45:52 PST 2013

It's seems like a quiet and peaceful day, lets stir things up a bit :)

How crazy would it be for us to start using basic C++'11 language features (but not C++'11 library features) in LLVM: things like auto, rvalue-refs, lambdas, etc?  I think that we can keep things well defined with a few simple requirements: language features must be supported by MSVC 2010 and later, some version of GCC and later (linux folks should pick?), some version of Clang and later (Freebsd folks?).

On the one hand, this would greatly clean up code and is definitely the path forward.  On the other hand, I don't want to substantially harm adoption or use of LLVM by adding another burden to building and developing it.

If doing this would be a big problem for you, please speak up, and explain how/when the problem can be resolved.  We will certainly adopt C++'11 features someday, so even if it isn't soon, it is good to have the discussion to find out what the issues are.


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