[LLVMdev] [cfe-dev] ARM failures

David Tweed David.Tweed at arm.com
Tue Jan 8 10:01:59 PST 2013

| Certainly slow builders are problematic. The phase-based building
| system David Dean is setting up may help mitigate some of this (it
| should make better use of the resources we have, as well as allowing
| us to benefit (in the form of smaller blame lists, though not
| necessarily lower buildbot result latency) from additional resources
| by allowing greater parallelism).

There's something I've always meant to ask: when you've got a stable buildot setup (same compiler, etc)
all the buildbots are still set up to do a configure and "make clean". I can easily understand if there was the possibility that
any other part of the system might also be being changed you'd want to be sure changes were due to repo changes
and so do a make clean. But those changes aren't too frequent and you could do manual clean at those times.

So all the make clean appears to be doing is guarding against an error in llvm's build system dependency checking. Is the tiny
probability of this worth the effect on the build times? (Personally I'd say no, but maybe there's an argument for it I haven't spotted.)


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