[LLVMdev] Failure building llvm/clang from source using binary clang package on Mageia 2

Anton Korobeynikov anton at korobeynikov.info
Sun Jan 6 16:47:40 PST 2013

> I think that we have a new entry for our 'unsupported compilers' list.
>  Please show the output of 'clang -v -fsyntax-only -x c++ /dev/null'.
'Unsupported list' exists because some compilers are broken. Here the
compiler it not broken per se, it's just broken package, because
someone who packaged it have not tried to actually use the compiler.

The proper solution is:

1. Report the problem to Mageia
2. Add support of paths to clang
2.* Patch the mageia clang package

In any case, 3.0 is ancient.

With best regards, Anton Korobeynikov
Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, Saint Petersburg State University

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