[LLVMdev] Opt error

Hassan, Ahmad ahmad.hassan at sap.com
Thu Jan 3 07:26:42 PST 2013

Hi Team,

I am migrating one of the Pass that was written for llvm2.2 or older to llvm3.1.  The code snippet looks like the following:

Constant *func;

void add( Module *M) {
func = M->getOrInsertFunction("func",  Type::getVoidTy(M->getContext()), NULL);

virtual bool runOnModule(Module &M) {

               add (&M);
for(Module::iterator F = M.begin(), E = M.end(); F != E; ++F) {

        Function *fun = dyn_cast<Function>(F);
         Value *Opts[1];
        BasicBlock &bb = F->getEntryBlock(), *newBB;

          newBB = BasicBlock::Create(M.getContext(), "initfunc", F, &bb);
          CallInst::Create(func, makeArrayRef(Opts, 1) , "", newBB);
          BranchInst::Create(&bb, newBB);

The pass compiles fine but when I use 'opt' to instrument a simple C program then I get the following exception:

$ opt -o a.bc -load /data/llvm3.1/Release+Asserts/lib/Dat.so  -MyPass < malloc.bc

opt: Instructions.cpp:269: void llvm::CallInst::init(llvm::Value*, llvm::ArrayRef<llvm::Value*>, const llvm::Twine&): Assertion `(Args.size() == FTy->getNumParams() || (FTy->isVarArg() && Args.size() > FTy->getNumParams())) && "Calling a function with bad signature!"' failed.

In older llvm, I had the following line:

CallInst::Create(func, Opts, Opts , "", newBB);

Which I have now modified for llvm3.1 to:
CallInst::Create(func, makeArrayRef(Opts, 1) , "", newBB);

Please can anyone tell the reason of this opt error?


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