[LLVMdev] LLVM IR execution in JavaScript

Alon Zakai azakai at mozilla.com
Wed Jan 2 12:10:36 PST 2013

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> On 02.01.2013, at 20:50, Alon Zakai wrote:
> > I agree both are useful approaches. I went with
> > clientside-everything in this demo because I work on that stuff
> > and like it ;)
> Oh, I agree that it is awesome. It just froze my browser completely
> for several seconds just compiling the Hello World program.

Yeah, as mentioned in the demo page, it isn't optimized, it's just something I hacked up. With some more work it could be much faster.

A few seconds is slower than I would expect though. It takes me about 1 second for hello world, I am on a nightly build of Firefox though (nightly builds tend to be faster than stable releases), perhaps that is the difference.

- azakai

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