[LLVMdev] IR function pointers

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 10:18:55 PST 2013


> For example: call void %1608(%"struct.LRT::RGBAucharFrameBuffer"*
> %1604)
> How can I resolve the targets of these? Also, why are they appearing as
> indirect calls in the IR, when they are direct calls in the source?

You don't mention what language you're trying to compile, though it looks
plausibly C++. I'd guess these are virtual function calls. In general you
can't tell which actual function will be called at compile-time, since it
will depend on the precise class of the object being used.

LLVM can unpick some of this (the optimistions go under the generic term of
"devirtualisation"), but obviously not all.

If you as a reader just want to know what function's being called in broad
terms, I'd look at where that %1608 comes from: likely loaded from an
offset in the vtable, stored in %1604. Very roughly for Unixy ABIs (and
loosely typed):

%vtable = load i8** %1604
%fptr = getelementptr %vtable, NNN
%1608 = load %fptr

Work out where that NNN offset actually is and then look at
RGBAucharFrameBuffer's vtable *definition* (the global symbol
@_ZTV3LRT20RGBAucharFrameBuffer, I believe: the _ZTV is the important bit)
and see which function is put in that offset. Unfortunately, it's all
rather complicated and the vtable may not even be defined in the file
you're compiling.

Why are these calls bothering you? It's possible there are better options
for your use-case.

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