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Mon Apr 1 13:21:15 PDT 2013

Since variables in the source code are renamed in the IR, I wanted to ask you how and where this mapping is done in Clang.I am interested in converting the variable names in some C strings to the one in the IR.For example if at a certain point of the program I have a string  like "x>0" I want to change it in "%x>0" (I already implemented a parser to recognize the identifiers so I only need to translate the name).If you have any suggestion in how to do it easily (like if there is already a data structure or a method to call) it will be really appreciated.
this is essentially hopeless.  Most names in LLVM IR have no meaning, they are
just there to make debugging easier: they can be removed altogether and all will
still work fine.  Even if the front-end is kind enough to set a name, optimizers
can change them.  Why do you want this name mapping?  Maybe you should be using
debug info instead?

I am interested in using the information a programmer can put in some annotation comments in order to improve the optimization on the source code.Since the programmer will write those annotations using the source code names, I need to find a way to carry on these comments in the IR generation in order to make them available for later optimization passes. I thought about attaching those comment as a metadata string to the next instruction after the comment.I am new to LLVM and by reading the .s output files I thought that clang does some kind of renaming to the variables. Do you think there is an easier way to do that?
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