[LLVMdev] Go Programming & LLVM/Clang

Georg Curnutt wildegeist at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 03:05:07 PDT 2012

I am learning to program with the Go language.

I have been following things and I am banking on FreeBSD being a more
common OS around the world by V10.0 even on ARM!

Most everything I have on my slate is geared towards future FreeBSD. They
are gearing to run LLVM/Clang as soon as possible.

I am interested in what one of you who know what's up, would suggest to a
guy learning programming with intentions of using llvm over their standard
gcc in Go. Is this nuts? Or should I learn it orthodox style and hack it

I want to build a clock of my own invention, as my first project. Its the
way I am going to do "time" itself will kinda throw me away from "normal"
anyway; so I am kinda hoping a thumbs up for starting off unorthodox is the

Thank you for your time.
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