[LLVMdev] Clang API parsing of the destructor

Kamaljit Lall klall at factset.com
Fri Sep 21 12:22:31 PDT 2012

I am using the clang API (version 3.1 - trunk 153913) to compile some very simple code as follows
class MyClass
   ~MyClass() ;




int main()
   return 0;
My problem is that I get the error message: test.cpp:20:10: error: destructor cannot have a return type MyClass::~MyClass()
If someone can point me to the right direction that would be great. It compiles fine if the destructor is defined inline to the class.
Note that I can also compile with clang++ fine: -bash-4.1$ clang++ test.cpp
So there must be a setting I'm missing in my clang API usage. Can anyone indicate what that might be. I've been searching all over for a missing option/configuration.
Here is my clang API usage:
// Include appropriate headers.
int main()
    clang::DiagnosticOptions diagnosticOptions;
    clang::TextDiagnosticPrinter *pTextDiagnosticPrinter =
       new clang::TextDiagnosticPrinter(
    llvm::IntrusiveRefCntPtr<clang::DiagnosticIDs> pDiagIDs;
    clang::DiagnosticsEngine *pDiagnosticsEngine =
       new clang::DiagnosticsEngine(pDiagIDs, pTextDiagnosticPrinter);

    clang::LangOptions languageOptions;
    languageOptions.GNUMode = 1;
    languageOptions.CXXExceptions = 1;
    languageOptions.RTTI = 1;
    languageOptions.Bool = 1;
    languageOptions.CPlusPlus = 1;
    clang::FileSystemOptions fileSystemOptions;
    clang::FileManager fileManager(fileSystemOptions);

    clang::SourceManager sourceManager(

    clang::TargetOptions targetOptions;
     targetOptions.Triple = "x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu";
    targetOptions.CPU = "x86-64";

    clang::TargetInfo *pTargetInfo =

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