[LLVMdev] Detail question about how to implement Win64 SEH

Kai kai at redstar.de
Mon Sep 17 09:25:19 PDT 2012


I try to add more functionality to Win64 exception handling, based on 
the posted patches from Charles Davis and João Matos.

But I have a question about how to map SEH handling to LLVM IR.

The basic structure of SEH in C is as follows:

   __try {
     // Do something.
   __except (filter(GetExceptionCode(), GetExceptionInformation()))
     // Handle exception

How to translate this?

- The filter expression is basically a nested function which is called 
with the exception code and exception information.
- The body of the __except statement is the landing pad. It is always 
executed if the filter expression returns 1.
- The exception machinery first asks _C_specific_handler, which calls 
the filter expression and possible jump to the body of the __except 

Everything looks fine except that I need a reference to the filter 
expression in order to generate the EH tables.
Is there a way to associate the filter expression with the landingpad 
instruction? I am qite sure that I miss here some LLVM API or idiom....



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