[LLVMdev] Clang support for CUDA

Dmitry N. Mikushin maemarcus at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 17:43:31 PDT 2012

Dear Abid,

This question should be better asked at clang dev list (cfe-dev).

According to the test suite [1] and nvvm intrinsics table [2], support for
many CUDA-specific C++ extensions exists. But most likely only a basic
subset of them is implemented, i.e. no __ballot, __popc, CUDA 5, etc.

[1] llvm/tools/clang/test/CodeGenCUDA
[2] llvm/include/llvm/IntrinsicsNVVM.td

- D.

2012/9/13 Abid Muslim Malik <abidmuslim at gmail.com>

> Hi:
> Does Clang support CUDA? I am looking for a front end for my compiler that
> can take CUDA programming framework.
> Thanks,
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