[LLVMdev] RFC: Adding an option to llvm-link to allow it to get a list of input bitcode file names from a file

Nick Lewycky nicholas at mxc.ca
Thu Sep 13 11:32:47 PDT 2012

Liu, Yaxun (Sam) wrote:
> I am proposing to add an option to llvm-link allow it to get a list of
> input bitcode file names from a file.
> The reason is that there is a limitation for command line length which
> limits the number of input bitcode files that can be passed to
> llvm-link. By adding this option we can bypass such limitation.
> The name of the option can be discussed. My initial proposal would be
> –input-file-list.

It's common for tools to accept "@file" as an argument that means "read 
options from file", where options may include both flags and positional 
arguments (ie., more input files). For instance, gcc, as and ld all 
support @file.

I realize this is more complicated than just reading in a list of input 
bitcode files, but I think the right fix is to teach llvm to support 
this. (It looks like clang already does? What are they doing?)


> Each line of the list file is a path to an input bitcode file.
> If this option is given, no input bitcode file names are allowed in the
> command line. If input bitcode file names are given in the command line,
> this option is not allowed.
> The implementation is simple. Only llvm-link.cpp is affected.
> Thanks.
> Sam Liu
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