[LLVMdev] Assert in LiveInterval update

Sergei Larin slarin at codeaurora.org
Wed Sep 12 08:23:46 PDT 2012

Hi Lang,


  The patch totally makes sense and it seems to fix the failing test.. And
it is way more elegant that my crude attempt at fixing it J 

 I'll run it now on a larger test set.  






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Hi Jakob, Sergei,


I've updated getLastUseBefore in r163685. I'm still looking into a couple of
errors, but I suspect that these are due to my build configuration, rather
than the patch.


Sergei - could you let me know if this fixes your issue? Thanks again for
all of your work tracking this down.


It is best to avoid the MCRegUnitRootIterator+MCSuperRegIterator combination
because the set of super-registers can be quite large on ARM.


Done. I've used TRI.hasRegUnit as suggested. Thanks for the advice!




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