[LLVMdev] Question about ctors, dtors and sections on Windows

Kai kai at redstar.de
Mon Sep 10 12:05:58 PDT 2012

Hello all!

I extended the LDC2 with a pragma to register a funcion in the 
llvm.global_ctors or llvm.global_dtors list.

On Linux, references to these functions are placed in .ctors and .dtors 
sections and everything runs fine.

On Windows, functions from llvm.global_ctors are placed in section 
.CRT$XCU, which is automatically called by the MS C Runtime. However, 
functions from llvm.global_dtors are placed in section .dtors which is 
unknown to the runtime. Therefore only ctors are called. Is this 
expected behaviour?

My expectation was that the dtors placed in .CRT$XTU which are the C 
terminator functions. Maybe there is a way to customize this?

Another question is how can I control section names and attributes.
Before I found the ctors/dtors variables I tried to implement this 
functionality by placing a variable in a section with a special name. 
This works because a global variable can have an optional section name.

- How can I control section attributes and alingment? E.g. the .CRT$XU 
segment is read-only. How can I specify that?
- How can I place constant data in the .rdata section?

Thanks for any hints!


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