[LLVMdev] Annotating known pointer alignment

Clemens Hammacher hammacher at cs.uni-saarland.de
Mon Oct 29 04:05:56 PDT 2012

Hi Duncan,

>>>   and instcombine adds the explicit alignment according to
>>>> the langref (pref alignment).
>>> Without an explicit alignment means the ABI alignment in the case of
>>> loads/stores.
>> Yes, that second step was clear. Assuming you meant the "preferential
>> alignment", according to the langref.
> no, I meant the ABI alignment.  If the LangRef says the preferential
> alignment
> then I'm pretty sure the LangRef is wrong!

Yep, the InstCombiner in fact uses the ABI alignment, so propably you 
are right and the LangRef is wrong.


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