[LLVMdev] Poll: LLVM test-suite project usage

Daniel Dunbar daniel at zuster.org
Thu Oct 25 16:04:38 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I would like to get some feedback on who in the community is using the
LLVM test-suite repository, and in what ways.

I am talking specifically about the "test-suite" SVN project, e.g.:
not about the "test (no-dash) suite" that is part of LLVM.

If you are using the LLVM test-suite project directly (as opposed to
via LNT), I'd appreciate it if you could reply to me personally with
the following information:

1. What facilities of the project do you use:
[ ] User defined test functionality
[ ] Ability to execute two compilers (baseline, modified)
[ ] Ability to use Makefile's to modify and rerun small parts of tests
[ ] Test suite ability to work with LLVM bit code files and tools (as
opposed to native object files)
[ ] Ability to test SPEC
[ ] Ability to execute tests on a remote target
[ ] Ability to test Fortran codes

2. What compilers do you use the project to test:
[ ] clang
[ ] llvm-gcc
[ ] dragonegg
[ ] Other LLVM compilers (?)
[ ] Other non-LLVM compilers

3. What TEST variants do you use:
[ ] I do not know what this means
[ ] nightly
[ ] simple
[ ] Other, please specify: _________

 - Daniel

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