[LLVMdev] Lifetime of ExecutionEngine?

Paul J. Lucas paul at lucasmail.org
Tue Oct 23 11:31:01 PDT 2012


	typedef MyClass* (*jit_fn_ptr_type)();

	MyClass* set_fn( llvm::Function *fn ) {
	  // create an ExecutionEngine 'exec' ...
	  jit_fn_ptr_type fn_ptr = (jit_fn_ptr_type)exec->getPointerToFunction( fn );
	  return fn_ptr();

After I call getPointerToFunction() to obtain the pointer to the JIT'd function and fun the function (that will produce an instance of MyClass on the heap), do I still need 'exec'?

Deleting it immediately after use seems to have no adverse effect.  I just want to double-check that this is OK.

- Paul

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