[LLVMdev] Here need your help

Tim Northover t.p.northover at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 12:36:49 PDT 2012


I'm afraid you may have asked your question on the wrong list.
"make_function" does not appear in the LLVM source, so it's almost
certainly part of icedtea. Because of that, the LLVM-specific answers
to your questions will probably not be that useful. However:

>     1, Is any function which can replace the "make_function" in the
> following function,

Not in LLVM. It looks like our closest equivalent is a "fence"
instruction. It could probably do what you want with the correct
arguments (a "fence seq_cst" covers all barriers I can bring to mind),
but the details of what's needed are likely buried in your non-LLVM

>     2 , Or is there any  different paramters in make_function with the
> similar action with the following one

Haven't the foggiest.

>     3 ,Is there a function similar with "nop" which can return a address in
> LLVM or Shark ,

This sounds dodgy to me. If you really wanted to you could just return
an "undef" pointer (or 0 as a valid LLVM Value). But barriers are
there for a reason, and presumably something will try to use the
pointer you're returning so an invalid one may well be spectacularly

It all comes down to icedtea again.


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