[LLVMdev] LLVM related position at Samsung R&D, San Jose, CA

Tasneem Brutch t.brutch at samsung.com
Mon Oct 22 12:22:28 PDT 2012

Samsung R&D center at San Jose, CA, has a full time position open.  The
focus will be to work on a Translator/Instrumenter/Validator for WebCL
kernels.  The job description is attached for reference.  People interested
in the position can send their information to me.

WebCL provides JavaScript bindings to OpenCL APIs, and the standard is
currently being defined by Khronos, under the WebCK working group.  There
are currently three open source implementations of WebCL.

Noted below are some WebCL related resources:
The WebCL public draft can be found at:
Samsung's prototype (BSD license) source code:
Public WebCL distribution list: public_webcl at khronos.org

Tasneem Brutch

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