[LLVMdev] interesting minor llvm optimizer flaw

reed kotler rkotler at mips.com
Thu Oct 18 20:13:50 PDT 2012

if I write:

int z, x;
z = (x >= k);  -- where k is a constant

The compiler always wants to translate this into:

z = (x > (k-1));

In general this can often lead to better code (and it does for Mips 16 
for sure), except at
the boundary condition where k==-32768

Then it creates the literal -32769 which cannot be placed in a simple 
immediate field.
That creates a lot of extra code for Mips 16.

I had originally written a pattern for setge when the right operand is a 

def: Mips16Pat
   <(setge CPU16Regs:$lhs, immZExt16:$rhs),
    (XorRxRxRy16 (SltiCCRxImmX16 CPU16Regs:$lhs, immZExt16:$rhs),
    (LiRxImmX16 1))>;

I was able to work around this boundary case by doing the reverse 
transformation at the boundary.


z = (x > (k-1)) =>  z = (x >= k)

def: Mips16Pat
   <(setgt CPU16Regs:$lhs, -32769),
    (XorRxRxRy16 (SltiCCRxImmX16 CPU16Regs:$lhs, -32768),
    (LiRxImmX16 1))>;

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