[LLVMdev] DWARF 2/3 backwards compatibility?

Eric Christopher echristo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 15:03:39 PDT 2012

> And that behavior is not necessarily related to the DWARF.  My Ubuntu
> workstation consistently gets flakey results from the multi-threaded
> GDB tests, which have exactly zero relation to what's in the DWARF.
> (consistently flakey... ooh, dear.)

Ha. I can buy that though.

>> > A bad/confused dwarf record fails multiple tests without a way to map a
>> > failure back to dwarf.
>> >
>> I'm not sure what you mean here.
> I don't know what Rick has experienced, but I've seen that a DWARF
> problem can lead to an arbitrary number of GDB failures, none of which
> necessarily make it obvious what the problem is with the DWARF.
> For example, when tweaking the placement of the end_prologue flag
> in the line table made the "list" command break.  Eh???  In that case at
> least I knew what I'd tweaked; coming on it cold, there's no way to know
> what's going on.

Oh, sure, I can see that. Which is why per-revision testing is pretty
important. New failures can get caught and more easily diagnosed
faster that way.


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