[LLVMdev] SimplifyCFG vs loops

Michael Ilseman milseman at apple.com
Wed Oct 17 17:33:39 PDT 2012

On Oct 17, 2012, at 12:25 PM, Krzysztof Parzyszek <kparzysz at codeaurora.org> wrote:

> On 10/17/2012 2:11 PM, James Courtier-Dutton wrote:
>> I thing to keep in mind is this is CFG, and can be unstructured, or
>> after various transformations, not representable in higher level
>> language structures such as while loops.
> Having a specific loop structure with specific requirements, such as single back edge can make loop optimizations (and loop nest optimizations in particular) a lot simpler (or even possible).

I believe that is the purpose behind loop-simplify, which most loop optimizations require.

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