[LLVMdev] Find template types of std::map

Sebastian Dreßler dressler at zib.de
Tue Oct 16 04:17:42 PDT 2012


for a current project I'm required to get the types of the template 
arguments key and value for std::map<K,V>. I've noticed that the STL 
implementation used by Clang defines the type of the map as

     %"class.std::map" = type { %"class.std::_Rb_tree" }

which then is further defined and finally ends as

     %"struct.std::_Rb_tree_node_base" = type {

However, indifferent what K and V are and how many different maps are 
instantiated, it always ends at this definition. But, I also noticed, that

     %"struct.std::pair" = type { i32, double }

is defined, which then provides the information I need.

Now the problem arises to connect %"class.std::map" to 
%"struct.std::pair" correctly. To solve this I looked at the IR and 
noticed, that the std::pair's are always defined in the reverse order of 
the definitions of std::map. So I think about using some index to find 
the correct std::pair.

 From this idea two issues arise:

1. I feel that this approach is not that stable as it should be, for 
instance, I think that the ordering of instantiation I'm making use of 
may change.

2. I'm unable to retrieve all defined named types from the module. I 
know there is LLVMContextImpl but this class is a forward declaration 
and therefore I'm not able to access LLVMContextImpl::NamedStructTypes.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Best regards,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Sebastian Dreßler

Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB)
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dressler at zib.de
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