[LLVMdev] Using llvm-mc assembler in the llvm test-suite

Carter, Jack jcarter at mips.com
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Let me see if I understand the response ;-)

When you are saying integrated assembler do you mean llc --filetype=obj? If so, we currently have that for an option when running the test-suite.

When you say that to test the llvm-mc assembler for your target you don't substitute the gcc assembler invocation for llvm-mc which would expect the resultant executable run to pass. Instead you have to do another pass running llvm-mc on the preserved .s files

Did I get this right?

If so, I am way too lazy and greedy. I want to run the suite and with an option, substitute the llvm standalone assembler for the gcc one (not for the control compile of course).


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Yes, absolutely. There's two pieces of this that are handy. First, checking the normal integrated-assembler code path. That doesn't check the actual assembler, but rather the binary encoder and object file emitter. To test that, I did runs with a locally modified clang that enabled the integrated assembler by default for my target (ARM/Darwin at the time). The second piece is checking the assembler itself. For that, I ran the full test suite and kept the .s files around. Then I ran each .s file through plain 'as' and llvm-mc and did a binary comparison of the results. Anything that showed up, I analyzed to see if it was innocuous or an error.


On Oct 15, 2012, at 2:22 PM, "Carter, Jack" <jcarter at mips.com<mailto:jcarter at mips.com>> wrote:

Has anyone converted llvm/projects/test-suite to use the llvm assembler instead of gcc?

If so, what was needed to change and how?

My assumption is that this would be a good way to test the llvm assembler.

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