[LLVMdev] [Proposal] Annotated assembly output

Philip Ashmore contact at philipashmore.com
Sat Oct 13 21:59:18 PDT 2012

Oh, and it would be really neat if sbd or sbt was an output option for 
the LLVM tools (sorry, I'm a bit of an LLVM newbie).

New attributes could be added as the need arises, and parsers could use 
the bits they understand and leave the rest.

Obviously if the representation changes, e.g. from name(type) to 
type(name) (no, I don't plan to do that), then everyone has to play 
catch-up, but that's nothing new to software development.

I'm undecided as to whether sbd's should have a globally unique id 
(GUID) as a version identifier, to allow for multiple formats/layouts.

Philip Ashmore

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