[LLVMdev] TSVC/Equivalencing-dbl

Rao, Shivarama Shivarama.Rao at amd.com
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There was a out of bound array access in the test S1421. This is fixed and uploaded at TSVC site by the TSVC maintainers. With this fix and Hal's fix of proper initialization of arrays in broken tests, the test should work fine now.


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PS: Here's how I can reproduce with clang on linux:

clang -S -o tsc.ll -O0 -flto -std=gnu99 tsc.c ; clang -S -o dummy.ll -O0 -flto 
-std=gnu99 dummy.c ; opt -std-compile-opts tsc.ll -S -o tsc.1.ll ; opt 
-std-compile-opts dummy.ll -S -o dummy.1.ll ; llvm-link tsc.1.ll dummy.1.ll -S 
-o total.ll ; opt -std-link-opts total.ll -S -o total.1.ll ; llc total.1.ll ; 
gcc -o z total.1.s

The program z shows the problem.  Note that it is essential to have clang use
-O0 (not -O3).

Ciao, Duncan.
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