[LLVMdev] Dynamically loading native code generated from LLVM IR

Baris Aktemur baris.aktemur at ozyegin.edu.tr
Fri Oct 12 07:07:06 PDT 2012

Dear Tim,

> The JIT sounds like it does almost exactly what you want. LLVM's JIT
> isn't a classical lightweight, dynamic one like you'd see for
> JavaScript or Java. All it really does is produce a native .o file in
> memory, take care of the relocations for you and then jump into it (or
> provide you with a function-pointer). Is there any other reason you
> want to avoid it?

Based on the experiments I ran, JIT version runs significantly slower than the code compiled to native. But according to your explanation, this shouldn't have happened. I wonder why I witnessed the performance difference.

Thank you.

-Baris Aktemur

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