[LLVMdev] Multiply i8 operands promotes to i32

Pedro Malagón malagon at die.upm.es
Mon Oct 8 02:44:44 PDT 2012


I am trying to complete the hardware multiplier option for MSP430 backend.

As the hardware multiplier in most of the MSP430 devices is for i8 and
i16 operands, with i16 and i32 result, I am lowering MUL_i8 and MUL_I16.
However, the front-end promotes the i8 argument to i32, executes 32-bit
multiplier and truncates to 16-bit, so I never lower MUL_I8 nor MUL_I16
but MUL_I32, wchich is lowered to an external libcall (__mulsi3) that I
don´t have.

What should I do in order to prevent the front-end from promote to
32-bit multiplier?
If that is not possible, how can I detect when lowering that it is
actually a MUL_I8 or MUL_I16 in order to do the correct lowering?

Thanks in advance,

P.S: I add C code and corresponding LLVM code.

C code:
 (const u_int16_t in_data, u_int16_t* out)
  u_int8_t kk = in_data&0xFF;
  u_int16_t kk16 = kk * kk;
  *out = kk16;

  %1 = load i8* %kk, align 1
  %conv2 = zext i8 %1 to i32
  %2 = load i8* %kk, align 1
  %conv3 = zext i8 %2 to i32
  %mul = mul nsw i32 %conv2, %conv3
  %conv4 = trunc i32 %mul to i16
  store i16 %conv4, i16* %kk16, align 2

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