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> Oops, I ran the testsuite wrong: read clang output for dragonegg
> output.

Okay, can you resummarize? Do you mean that?

gcc -O0:
S1421         0.00                 16000

gcc -O0 under valgrind:
S1421         0.00                 17208.404325315

S1421    0.00           17208.404325315

This is all on Darwin, right?

I would certainly tend to suspect an 80-bit-intermediate issue, but, both gcc and clang give 16000 on PowerPC (which has no 80-bit). It could be a rounding issue, but would Darwin really have a different default rounding mode?

The computation being performed here is [in s1421() in tsc.inc]:
                for (int i = 0; i < LEN/2; i++) {
                        b[i] = xx[i] + a[i];
So *if* we're adding up the same numbers in the same order, the answer should be the same everywhere ;) Can you put in some print statements and confirm?

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