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> I think we should try to abstract the costs of instructions of
> various targets instead of trying to replicate them exactly. The
> coarser the costing infrastructure the more robust will be the
> vectorization pass. Also this eliminates/reduces the need of
> updating the costing infrastructure as and when new h/w reduces the
> cost(s) of existing instructions.

I think that one of the big questions is where this information, abstract or not, resides. The cost information needs to be abstract in some sense: IR instructions don't always map directly onto machine instructions, we don't yet have real register-pressure information, etc. Other information is more direct: does the target support vectors of given types, sizes, and are certain operations provided. As much as possible, I believe this information should be derived automatically from the Target TableGen files, and the pre-existing logic in *ISelLowering.cpp. This requires linking those files with the mid-level optimizers.


> - Dibyendu
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> Hi,
> We are starting to work on an LLVM loop vectorizer. There's number of
> different projects that already vectorize LLVM IR. For example Hal's
> BB-Vectorizer, Intel's OpenCL Vectorizer, Polly, ISPC, AnySL, just
> to name a few. I think that it would be great if we could
> collaborate on the areas that are shared between the different
> projects. I think that refactoring LLVM in away that would expose
> target information to IR-level transformations would be a good way
> to start. Vectorizers, as well as other IR-level transformations,
> require target-specific information, such as the cost of different
> instruction or the availability of certain features. Currently,
> llvm-based vectorizers do not make use of this information, or just
> hard-code target information. A loop vectorizer would need target
> information. After we have some basic target information
> infrastructure in place we can start discussing the vectorizer
> itself.
> I think that the first step would be to expose Target Lowering
> Interface (TLI) to OPT's IR-level passes. Currently TLI is only
> available in LLC. I suggest that we merge LLC and OPT into a single
> tool that will drive both IR-level passes and the codegen. LLC and
> OPT can remain as wrappers around the new tool. Please let me know
> if you can think of a good name for the new tool. I was thinking
> that "llvm-cli" may be a good name (cli = command line interface).
> OPT and LLC are only used by LLVM developers, so the impact of this
> change on the user community would be small.
> Thanks,
> Nadav
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