[LLVMdev] Handling SRet on Windows x86

Aaron Ballman aaron at aaronballman.com
Tue Oct 2 09:00:02 PDT 2012

On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 11:54 AM, Timur Iskhodzhanov <timurrrr at google.com> wrote:
> [+cfe-dev as this does seem like both LLVM+Clang issue]
> [Sorry for an incomplete e-mail context, please see
> http://llvm.org/PR13676#c6 if you're interested]
> I've read these bugs and now I'm even more confused than I was before :)
> What do you think about the following approach:
> a) I'll create test cases for the major issues I've observed so far
>    These test cases will check both -emit-llvm and llc output
>    They'll have CHECKs for stuff that already works and
> FIXME+CHECK-NOT for stuff that doesn't.
>  I guess I should put these tests in clang/test/CodeGen[CXX] ?

Makes sense, assuming we do comparisons against what MSVC 10/11 and
gcc emit to determine CHECK vs CHECK-NOT.

> b) As a short-term solution to avoid blocking progress for those who
> are interested in a functioning Windows compiler I'll publish my patch
> [which breaks the non-Windows compatibility but improves Windows
> compat] in PR13676.

Assuming the patch addresses all of your tests, then that makes sense.

> c) Having these test cases at hand, we can come up with a decent
> long-term solution

Also good.

Thanks for looking into this!


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