[LLVMdev] Tablegen bug???

Caldarale, Charles R Chuck.Caldarale at unisys.com
Thu Nov 29 19:27:34 PST 2012

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> Subject: Re: [LLVMdev] Tablegen bug???

> Out of curiosity, what is wrong about that?  It looks ok to me.


> >   if (NameR.startswith("MDIL.barrier.")) return AMDILIntrinsic::AMDIL_barrier;

prevents the three following tests:

> >   if (NameR.startswith("MDIL.barrier.global.")) return AMDILIntrinsic::AMDIL_barrier_global;
> >   if (NameR.startswith("MDIL.barrier.local.")) return AMDILIntrinsic::AMDIL_barrier_local;
> >   if (NameR.startswith("MDIL.barrier.region.")) return AMDILIntrinsic::AMDIL_barrier_region;

from ever matching.  The order needs to be changed so the common substring is checked last.

 - Chuck

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