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> >> IMO, the right way to build this is something like
> >> "InlineAsmDiagnosticHandler" in LLVMContext (but hopefully better,
> >> and more
> >> structured :)
> >
> > Hey Chris,
> >
> > Did you catch my suggestion in reply to Hal, about maybe
> > generalizing
> > Clang's diagnostics infrastructure up into LLVM? Your reply seems
> > along the same lines. It seems like a natural fit to reuse that
> > rather
> > than make another one (and it would permit seamless integration).
> > Also, presumably LLD is going to be giving sweet diagnostics some
> > day,
> > and this change would be analogous to the work that Michael Spencer
> > has been doing lifting and generalizing the option-parsing stuff
> > from
> > Clang. What do you think about that approach?
> clang's diagnostic code is inseparably tied to clang's SourceManager,
> which really only makes sense for code using clang's Lex library.  It
> might make sense to have a simpler diagnostic printing library in
> even if clang can't use it.

Printing notices is one useful way this information can be used, but not the only method. This information can also be used in IDEs for hover-over popups (and similar UI widgets). One generic capability that clang should eventually provide is the generation of 'listing' files. These are copies of the source code where each line is annotated with information on what optimizations were performed and/or hints on why some common or requested optimization was not performed.


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