[LLVMdev] Old JIT Status (i.e., can we delete it?)

Rafael EspĂ­ndola rafael.espindola at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 04:13:01 PST 2012

> The "old" JIT is still in heavy use by 3rd party dynamic language
> projects, at least that's the case for my own (Pure). For these kinds of
> projects the facilities of the old JIT are an essential component of
> LLVM; you need to be able to replace the definition of any function at
> any time, having to recompile an entire module doesn't cut it.
> I'd really like to give MCJIT a whirl and see whether I could use it for
> Pure, but apart from some past developer meeting slides there hasn't
> been a progress report on MCJIT in a while, and the available blog posts
> are from 2010. Is MCJIT working on Windows yet? PPC? ARM? Does it
> support lazy compilation now? Module linkage? Is there documentation on
> how to migrate from the "old" JIT somewhere?

I think ARM and PPC64 work. Windows work (using ELF in memory). As
Benjamin points out lazy compilation is missing.

Do you need the EH bits I remove in the patch in the original message?

> Albert


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