[LLVMdev] A Question about LLVM-backend

Roel Jordans r.jordans at tue.nl
Wed Nov 21 01:53:12 PST 2012

For those wondering about the C backend, a patch(set) to current trunk 
is available but too large to send through the LLVM mailinglist.  I can 
send the patch(es) directly if people are interested.


On 17/11/12 03:48, David Claughton wrote:
> Hi Roel,
> On 13/09/12 11:02, Roel Jordans wrote:
>> For those that are interested, I can provide a patch to the current
>> trunk which provides a working version of the C backend.  So far this
>> patch just takes the parts that were removed and updates them to the
>> current infrastructure.
> Yes please! I've been looking at the C backend recently with a view
> towards seeing if it can be adapted into a Javascript backend - it would
> be extremely helpful for me to work with a version that runs on the
> latest llvm.
> Cheers,
> 	David.
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